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Been busy.

Haven't been on much.

Just checking this out.
It's been a long time since I stopped in. Just checking it out.

time for an update.
My sister Penny has gone through radiation for a brain tumor. She had problems with blood clots for a while, but that seems to be cleared up. She is currently applying for disability since her health does not permit her to work even at a part time job. Her vision has been affected by the tumor and she is unable to drive.

Thanks for help.
My family and I wish to thank anyone who was able to help with the Gofundme campaign that helped pay for medical expenses and other basic needs while she is off work for the biopsy. She is currently waiting to hear what treatment the doctor is planning. She will have the appointment in the next few weeks.

GoFundMe fundraiser for my sister Penny Toornman Major
From my sister Laurie Hare:
Created October 3, 2015
Laurie Toornman Hare
For 25 years my twin sister Penny Toornman Major has battled a nasty brain tumor. She has had so many surgeries and procedures that our family has lost count of the total number.
Recently, Penny was diagnosed with a second brain tumor. She had another surgery and we are awaiting the results of the biopsy and our options for treating it. The brain tumor has resulted in a loss of coordination and movement on her right side, and vision loss in both eyes. Yet, she remains our same happy go-lucky Penny...always smiling and thinking about others before herself!
The money raised will go to hospital bills and treatment so that she can focus on getting better. Please help Penny fight this!

COPY, PASTE & SHARE: https://www.gofundme.com/as5jy74j
What is GoFundMe?Fundraising made easy >> CONTACT LINK POSTER REPORT

If people aren't on-line, who can they make a check out to?
Checks may be made out to Laurie Toornman Hare c/o 2110 Jefferson Rd, Otsego 49078

I need some amusement. It irritates me that a 20-something temp at my work has decided that he can supervise me by telling me that I am wandering aimlessly about and doing nothing. I "should" be doing his job for him instead of doing my job. (Of course, I should give him part of my paycheck; he needs it.) We exchanged opinions and he agreed that he was not my boss.

Frozen car doors and bad roads at going home time. Glad I live close to my job.
I was able to go out with friends and see some movies. I can recommend Into the Woods and the third installment of the Hobbit. Big Eyes was good but not as enjoyable as the others.

(no subject)
Great time on Sunday but very busy. Watching nursery at church, Sunday school video, lunch, a movie at the library with a very young Alan Hale, Jr. (aka the Skipper from Gilligan's Island), a birthday party and the Alway brothers' annual Christmas cookie decorating party. Always a fun time with the added bonus of Christmas cookies to take home. And an incentive to watch what I eat during January.
The movie was It Happened on 34th Street and has some marvelous comedy scenes in it.

Michigan Renaissance Festival weekend
My sister, three teen-agers and I had a good time at Michigan Renaissance Festival this past Saturday that was only marred by the thunderstorms on the way home. Thank goodness for the rest station.

What’s one little thing that made your day recently?
Really. The person behind me (a total stranger) paid for my lunch today. An act of random kindness.